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January 31, 2022

Forest Park Golubinjak

In the arms of Mother Nature

It’s 9:00 am and the smell of coffee fills my nostrils as I sip my cup to satisfy my caffeine cravings. It’s tomorrow, the most beautiful time of the day for me, while everything is waking up and in the wonderful silence I’m thinking about what we could do today, after all it’s the weekend.

To the sea? – No, it will definitely be overcrowded again. I’d rather go somewhere quiet and mentally restful. Then only the interior of the country comes into question.

A quick look on Google Maps for hiking trails and forests and the decision was quickly made, today it will be the forest park “Golubinjak”!

At the entrance there is a small wooden house, which was closed in this case, since we are in the off-season and the access for cars is not charged (accordingly, the passage is free).

At the entrance to the park, a large green pasture awaits you with plenty of space for picnic lovers, where the children can play with balls and run around, even the dearest four-legged friends are welcome here.

On the right side there are several places with stone barbecues, because in the season the forest park is popular for nature lovers to meet here for various celebrations and barbecues.

The children have enough space to play, whether on the field, in the woods near the barbecue areas or on the playground.

Behind the field, the entrance to the forest awaits in all its natural beauty and splendor and here the Queen of the Forest welcomes you, a fir tree over 250 years old, 35 m high and 140 cm in circumference.

The paths are marked and you cannot get lost. For our part, we made our way to the Gates of Hell (Paklena vrata), this is just an opening in a rock through which you then go. It feels like stepping into a fairy tale every few steps there is something new and beautiful to discover that nature has given us here. Furthermore, two caves are waiting for you (Ledena and Golubinja spilja).

The best thing to do is to explore the forest yourself and set off on your next visit if you are nearby. A little tip: It is ideal here in summer for a little cooling off.

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