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January 31, 2022

travel information

Due to the Covid-19 situation in which we unfortunately still find ourselves, exceptions apply to entry into Croatia. You can find all the information you need on the following page:

Foreign Office


If you arrive by car, the following documents are required: 

– a valid driving license (old driving licenses from Germany are also valid in Croatia)
– vehicle registration document
– international green insurance card

All speed limits are posted in Croatia and we advise you to stick to them as you certainly do not want to receive a letter after your stay in Croatia. 
We would also like to strongly recommend that you always check whether there is a parking fee when parking (which is 90% the case, especially in high season) because here too you could be fined afterwards if you do not pay the parking fee. 

We would also like to draw your attention to the following: 
In Croatia the summer days are very dry and in recent years there have often been fires, unfortunately there have also been serious ones, for this reason we ask you to take care to avoid unwanted fires. Motorists are often seen throwing their cigarette butts out of the window carelessly, this can have serious consequences. Also, be careful when grilling in the garden. We thank you in advance!

In Croatia, the  blood alcohol  limit is 0.5 and must not be exceeded; under 25 years of age it is 0.0. 

Entry with dog: 

In order to enter the country with your best friend, you need an international vaccination card with a rabies vaccination certificate (at least 15 days and at most 6 months old). In general, there is an obligation to leash in public. 

Medical care in Croatia: 

In emergencies, call 112! 

Medical care meets EU standards. A 24-hour emergency service is guaranteed in all hospitals. A  “European health insurance card” is sufficient, but we recommend that you take out international health insurance or travel health insurance, as in some cases you will have to  pay a deductible . 
If you need a pharmacy, you will find it by means of a green  illuminated cross (pharmacy = Ljekarna). 

safety instructions

Unfortunately, although more than 20 years have passed since the end of the Balkan War, there is still a mine risk in some parts of Croatia. 
Affected areas: 

– Eastern Slavonia
– Western Slavonia
– in the  western and southwestern border areas with Bosnia and Herzegovina (south of Sisak and Karlovac, east of Ogulin, Otocac, Gospic, on the eastern outskirts of Zadar and in the hinterland of the coast between Senj and Split, and in the mountains southeast of Dubrovnik )

All affected areas are marked with signs, however it is recommended that if you are in these areas you do not leave the roads and paths, especially avoid dirt tracks in these areas. 
Information about mines in Croatia!

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