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January 31, 2022

Restaurants & bars in Croatia

If we were to ask you what is typically Croatian, most of you would probably answer: Ćevapčići! You are not wrong, because Ćevapčići are now considered the national dish of Croatia and Serbia, but primarily of Bosnia and Herzegovina, because this is where they are best known. 

Aside from the Ćevapčići, which you will see on the menu in most restaurants, Croatian cuisine can be broken down into a few regions. 

Istria offers you specialties with different herbs and the typical cuisine includes truffle specialties. In Istria, dishes are generally prepared with an Italian influence. 

In Slavonia you can enjoy a  strongly spiced cuisine with  numerous meat and game dishes as well as stews and goulash specialties. 

If you prefer something sweet or don’t want to do without dumplings, then  Hrvatsko Zagorje  or  Međimurje are the right places for you. 

Along the coast and on the islands , the sea rules the table, here fish dishes are among the main dishes, of course there are also meat dishes, but we recommend trying a typical Croatian fish dish. 

Would you like good tips for restaurants in your holiday region? Here you will find our offers that will make it easier for you to choose.